The cost of participation depends by the sqaure meters of exhibitor needs.


1) Booth with basic structure (panels with aluminum braces).

2) Floor carpet for booth of beige color.
3) One desk and two chairs.
4) Light Provision (one spot of 100W every 3m²).
5) Monophasic power plug of 500W.  
6) Inscription of the exhibitor’s name in the metope of the booth, which is of the same type for every exhibitor (color, shape, size.).
7) Security of the exhibition hall during the closing hours.
8) Insurance of the exhibits in case of fire during the exhibition and the closing hours. Insurance in case of accidents and civil responsibility.
9) The cleaning of the booths, in order to avoid the loss and damage of exhibits, will take place before the opening of the exhibition. The transportation and removal of the constructions, in the end of the exhibition, will be in the responsibility of the constructors and decorators.
10) Inscription of the exhibitor’s data in the Exhibitor's Catalogue (Form 3).
11) Posters and invitations.

Download the exhibition plan   exhibition plan   

Download the exhibition brochure     exhibition brochure